Christofer Fjellner

New Commission proposal on GMOs undermines the single market

European GMO policy is imploding. Today, the Commission proposed new legislation that would allow individual member states to ban imports and sales of genetically modified crops, for nonscientific reasons. Earlier this year, the EU adopted new legislation that allows member states to ban the cultivation of GMOs on nonscientific grounds. Opinions should trump science and the implications for the internal market could be severe.

But it is not only neglect of science that is regrettable with the new proposal. If member states themselves are allowed to ban imports of GMOs, the internal market for food and feed will cease to exist. Instead of one single market the EU will have 28 different markets. That is the consequence of the new proposal. And when France bans Spanish muesli arguing that it may contain trances of GMOs, who knows what will happen?

The single market and the free movement of goods, services, people and capital is the foundation of the European project. And the most important role of the European Commission is to be the guardian of the Treatises and defend those freedoms. But today, the Commission is failing and instead acts in a way that undermine the single market. All because of a nearly religious aversion for science and biotechnology.

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